WinSCP Ownership and Permissions

Working with Ownership and Permissions

This is with no doubt my favorite feature in WinSCP, the ability to change the ownership and permissions to files and folders using a 100% Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Change files and folders permissions

Changing permissions on files and folders is another quite frequent task when working with a Linux machine, using WinSCP you will be able to forget about those CLI commands and their challenging syntaxes, now you can do it all via a friendly GUI, I told you, once you get used to WinSCP you will never come back.

Most of the tasks involving files and folders can be done using the friendly GUI provided by WinSCP.

This is not the end of the CLI

Still, there are several tasks that are completed way faster and efficiently using the CLI, we can perfectly say that the CLI is unbeatable on doing some specific tasks, and that’s why we are going to use a combination of both methods taking advantage of the best of each world.