SecureCRT background color

SecureCRT default background color

The default background color of the SecureCRT sessions is white, and if you are like me you prefer the black color because it is more comfortable for our eyes.

SecureCRT default background color

Background color for Cisco devices

For Cisco devices I use most of the time the color scheme called Traditional with the font called DejaVu Sans, the following screenshots will show you how to select that color scheme.

SecureCRT session options
SecureCRT color scheme
SecureCRT font type
SecureCRT changing the font type
Secure CRT background color black

Background color for Linux CentOS

We are really lucky to already have on SecureCRT the correct Terminal Emulation for Linux, and once you select it from the list, the color scheme will be automatically set and ready for you to enjoy, the following screenshots will guide you to configure the right Terminal Emulation.

SecureCRT sessions options
Secure CRT Linux terminal emulation
SecureCRT selecting the correct terminal for Linux CentOS

The following screenshot shows the look and feel we get when choosing the Linux terminal emulation, as you can see the most important part of the service status CLI command is highlighted and that exactly what we need to see.

SecureCRT Linux color scheme