What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are what the Apps are to your Smart Phone, there is no doubt that your Smart Phone expands its functions through the vast amount of Apps available for you to download and give them a try, it is exactly the same with the WordPress plugins, you can search for them or receive a friend’s recommendation, there is one additional step, installed plugins must be activated before you can start using them, they can be updated or removed at your own will.

Useful plugins

The following is a list of WordPress plugins that I personally use on my websites, being able to include “code” from different programming languages on web pages is now an easy thing thanks to WordPress plugins, dealing with images and galleries is another easy task now, thanks to WordPress plugins, I would say that almost everything you want to accomplish with your website can be done with plugins.

  • Add From Server By Dion Hulse
    Allows you to upload files previously uploaded via FTP
  • Code Syntax Block By Marcus Kazmierczak
    Allows you to include code from different programing languages
  • Google Fonts Typography By Fonts Plugin
    Allows you to be able to use beautiful fonts
  • Insert Headers and Footers By WPBeginner
    The perfect tool to add Adsense/Analytics code
  • LuckyWP Table of Contents By LuckyWP
    The easy way to add a Table of Contents to pages
  • SEOPress By SEOPress
    Usefull to see how your page will look on different social networks
  • Simple Lightbox By Archetyped
    Allows you to see images on their original size on a pop up window
  • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved By Alex Mills (Viper007Bond)
    Allows you to include code from different programing languages

Responsive Web Design

WordPress by itself is a great tool, creating a website that looks good not only on a computer but also on a tablet or an smart phone is no longer a complicated thing, most of the themes available for WordPress have been built taking into account this feature, known as “Responsive Web Design” this way you don’t have to worry for screen sizes, or platform orientation, your website will adapt to your visitor’s device automatically.

Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg allows you to create content using a 100% visual tool, it comes with a wide library of blocks, ready for you to choose and start building your websites, there are blocks for images, text, videos, tables, etc.