How to install and configure Google Tag Manager

Configuring Google Tag Manager

Similar to what happens with Google Analytics you first have to create an entity, Google Analytics call it a “Property”, well, in Google Tag Manager the correspondent name is a “Container”, that represents your website or subdomain, that way every time a tag triggers an event to Google Analytics, it knows where to put that piece of data to build future reports.

Step 1 – Create a GTM container

Google Tag Manager – Create a new container

Step 2 – Target plataform

Select web container

Step 3 – Copy code snippet

Google Tag Manager – Container Snippet code

Step 4 – Container dashboard

Google Tag Manager – Conatiner Dashboard

Step 5 – WordPress Header and Footer

Paste the Container’s snippet code

Step 6 – Save changes

Snnipet code successfully saved

Google Tag Manager configuration complete

That’s it, that’s all you must do, once all the above steps are done you can start creating the tags you’re going to use to trigger events in to Google Analytics, congratulations! Job well done!

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