How to create a new Google Analytics Property

Creating a new Google Analytics Property

In our particular example we’re going to create a new Google Analytics Property to be used on one of the subdomains of the website, we’ll also cover the necessary steps you must follow in order to get the Google Analytics code ready to be used in all the pages of your website, see screenshots below.

Step 1 – Go to Admin then create new Property

Google Analytics – creating a new Property

Step 2 – Select what do you want to measure

Google Analytics – Measure your website

Step 3 – Property details

Google Analytics – Property details

Step 4 – Tracking ID and snippet code

Google Analytics – JavaScript snippet code

Step 5 – Property successfully created

Opening Google Analytics for the very first time

Step 6 – Headers and Footer WordPress plugin

Step 7 – Google Analytics code in Header

Using a WordPress plugin to insert Google Analytics code

Step 8 – Settings saved

Google Analytics – WordPress settings saved

Google Analytics configuration complete

That’s it, that’s all you must do, once all the above steps are done you just need to wait for your website to generate traffic, usually between 24-48 hs, the longer you wait the more data will be available for analysis, congratulations! Job well done!