How to add Google Adsense into a Subdomain

Adding AdSense into a Subdomain

In this particular case Google AdSense was already added to the main website domain ““, once that step is completed you must also add AdSense to each and every new subdomain you create, the following screenshots belongs to the steps I did follow when adding Google AdSense into my subdomain ““.

Step 1 – Log in to Google AdSense

Step 2 – Open Sites

Step 3 – Select your website

Step 4 – Show details

Step 5 – Add Subdomain

Step 6 – Get Code

Step 7 – Where to put the code?

Step 8 – WordPress plug-in

I’ve found quite easy to add the Google AdSense snippet code into my wordpress website leaning on a great plug-in that makes all the job for us, the name of the plug-in is “Insert Headers and Footers“, you can learn about this plug-in o its wordpress plug-in page available here.

Adsense configuration complete

That’s it, that’s all you must do, once all the above steps are done you just need to wait for a few minutes for the changes to take place before you can start seeing Google Ads in your website, congratulations! Job well done!