First user defined variable

Google Analytics UA variable

The first variable you must create before being able to start firing tags from Google Tag Manager (GTM) toward Google Analytics (GA) is the one that includes the Universal Analytics (UA) number that identifies the property for which you are going to create a tag, that number is also known as Tracking ID.

Google Tag Manager – Variables categorization

GTM variables are categorized in two separated groups:

  • Built-In variables
  • User-Defined variables

Built-in variables comes with GTM out of the box and you can enable/disable them, but you won’t be able neither to remove or modify them.

On the other hand, the User-Defined variables are manually created and You can modify them or remove them at your will.

Google Tag Manager - User Defined variable
Google Tag Manager – Variables

First user defined variable

The first “User-Defined” variable that you must create is the one that will contain the UA (Universal Analytics) number of your property that can be found on Google Analytics (GA) and that’s the reason why you must select “Google Analytics Settings” as its type when creating the variable.

Google Tag Manager – First User Defined variable

Variable Type and Name

As soon as you hit the “New” variable button, in the left up corner you must enter the variable name you want to use, after that you must go to Variable settings where you will be able to select the Variable Type and also able to enter the variable value, see screenshot below.

Google Tag Manager – Variable Type
Google Tag Manager – Variable type and name

Where to find the Tracking ID number

The Tracking ID number is also know as the Universal Analytics (UA) number, it is assigned to your Google Analytics Property when it created, take a look at this article to learn where in Google Analytics you can find it.

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