Certbot in action

Certbot second part

The first part of this demonstration was done on a LAB environment, but the second part has to be done on a live website, because Certbot will check the status of your domain and subdomains.

Certbot log – selecting subdomains

In this particular case I’m enabling one subdomain called “cue.ciscoar.com” and its correspondent “www” alias, on my list they are number 2 and 3.

certbot – selecting subdomians

Enabling redirection of HTTP to HTTPS

Immediately after the selection of the subdomains for which you want to get the Let’s encrypt SSL free certificates, you’ll have to choose from redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS, most of the times you want to activate redirection, see image below, option 2.

certbot redirecting HTTP to HTTPs

Certbot test your configuration

And that’s it! it was a really quick one, what you can do now is to test your configuration, using www.ssllabs.com see image below:

certbot – test links
certbot – test completed

Final notes

Congratutations, job well done!

certbot – renewal

As you can see in the final notes, the certificates have an expiration date, but don’t worry we can use “crontab” to set an automatic renewal of the certificates, that will be covered on further article, stay tuned.