Apache httpd tools

What are the Apache’s httpd tools?

Those of you planning to go deeper in the understanding of how Apache actually works my be interested on a useful set of tools called “http-tools”, this is just an additional package you can install at the installation time or later on, it’s up to you.

Among other things, these tools will help you to perform benchmark, manage basic and digest authentication to web pages, and resolve IP addresses to hostnames in the logs, just to mention a few examples.

How to install “httpd-tools”?

You can use the following CLI command to install the “httpd-tools”:

yum install httpd-tools
Centos 7 – Installing Apache httpd-tools

In my particular case as you can see in the above image, there is nothing to do, because the package “httpd-tools” was installed when Apache was installed as you can see in the Apache’s installation log.