SecureCRT copy Pubkey to remote server

Taking advantage of WinSCP tools

The fact that we’ve selected Open SSH when generating the pair of keys (Step 7) allow us to take advantage of the quick copy tool provided by WinSCP to also copy the Public Key that will be used by our terminal emulator SecureCRT.

How to copy the Public SSH key to the remote server

The following animation shows how to copy a Public Key that was generated by SecureCRT ( using the quick copy tool provided by WinSCP.

Step by step screenshots

As always we’re including each and every screenshot for you to see the taken steps in more detail.

WinSCP quick copy tool
change to “All Files”
Select the Public SSH Key that was generated by SecureCRT
Public SSH Key was successfuly copied into the remote server
Double Click to open the file containing all the Public SSH keys
The one highlighted is the one that was copied by the WinSCP quick tool

Where to go next?

The last step before being able to login into your remote server making use of the SSH Keys is to map the Private key to your SecureCRT session.