CentOS IP Address

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

During the installation process we choose to get the IP Address for our CentOS Virtual Machine automatically using the DHCP protocol, and we also configured the network adapter to work as bridged mode, that way our Virtual Machine will get an IP address in the same range of the host computer (physical computer).

How to check the IP Address

We can use the following command to know what IP address was assigned to CentOS via DHCP.

ip a

Centos 7 – checking IP address

As you can see we are able to see both the NIC adapter name “enp0s3” and also the IP Address that was assigned via DHCP ““.

Where to go next?

The fact that an IP Address has been successfuly assigned is a good sign that our Virtual Machine has proper connectivity inside our LAN, and more than that we can now go a little bit further and check also the WAN connectivity.