CentOS 7

The “Big-Bang” of this journey

You don’t have to wait for months or even years to realize that installing a Linux distribution in your computer as a Virtual Machine was de begining of all, a brave but truly rewarding act of faith, you’ve probalby already heard about Linux as complicated and boring, but after you install CentOS you will immediately change your mind.

Where to download CentOS?

There are hundreds of websites waiting for you to download your copy of CentOS, most of them belong to Universities or other type of Public Institutions, they all work as mirrors having available copies of the most updated ISO files.

List of CentOS Mirrors

Look for your country and select the closest mirror to download your copy of CentOS, isn’t this amazing? This fabulous Operating System is avalaible for anybody on every part of the world, and not only that, did I mention that is totally free? Yes! you are tasting the sweet flavor of the Open Source.

Choosing the right CentOS iso file

For educational purposes we are going to use the CentOS minimal ISO, as you can imagine we prefer to start from a clean OS installation and build our Virtual Machine based on the role of it.

The minimal ISO refer to the basic OS, not including additional applications, not even the Graphical User Interface (GUI), things are starting to get really interesting, don’t you think?