How to change WordPress URLs

Changing WordPress URLs

If for whatever reason you find yourself in need of change the URLs of your WordPress website, there are a lot of good tools to help you on that task, in our case we’re going to use a free plugin called Better Search Replace developed by Delicious Brains.

Better Search Replace – WordPress plugin

WordPress backup

In our case, after the restore of a WordPress backup into a local Linux CentOS 7 Virtual Machine, we have to change the URLs to make them point to the Local path.

WordPress website – Internet URL

Better Search Replace plugin

The following image shows the main screen of the Better Search Replace plugin, here you must configure both the Internet URL and the Local Path.

Better Search Replace – main screen

URLs change completed

The amount of replacements depends on each website, in our case as you can see there were 1978 updates.

Better Search Replace – Job well done!

Local Path configured successfully

Once the plugin has done its job you can verify each and every image, all of them must point now to the local path.

WordPress local copy – Images pointing to local path